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    A concrete job is no small undertaking regardless of the scope and size.

    That is why here at Arwin Concrete Contractor we made it a point to put together a team of the best concrete masons in town.

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    Why Choose Arwin Concrete Contractor?

    • Local business here to serve our locals. We are here in Irving and not going anywhere before or after the job. We own it from the beginning to the end and afterward. Our goal is and always has been to achieve100% satisfaction from our customers.
    • A team of highly-trained experts equipped with top-of-the-line equipment. The man and his tool, they both need to be on-point to deliver a job of the highest caliber. That is precisely why we strive to continuously train our team while maintaining and purchasing only the highest quality tools and equipment.
    • Variety of services offered. No matter the size or scope of the project, we do it all from a basic concrete repair job to a full concrete driveway or patio replacement.
    • Residential & Commercial. We provide full-scale concrete services to both homeowners or business owners alike in and around the city of Irving.
    • Exceptional customer service. We believe good customer service should not end as soon as a contract is signed. That is not what we stand for. That is why we aim for exceptional service, for that means going above and beyond the norm.

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    Concrete Services

    From driveways, patios, foundation repair, to paving we do it all for our Irving residents and businesses. Below are just some of our more prominent remodeling and repair services.

    A concrete crack in one of our customer's driveway in Irving, TX.

    Concrete Repair

    You're reading this because you're likely tired of tripping over broken concrete or pulling your car into a bumpy driveway or perhaps all of the above!

    While a repair job may not sound all that complicated, it has the potential to turn into the most complicated out of all the services we offer. Yes, we could simply come out and do basic concrete repair work to make the surface look aesthetically pleasing, but what good is that if the underlying structure remains broken. Moreso, what good is it if you end up calling us again within a matter of months.

    Our team carefully analyzes the extent of the damage and crafts a repair plan for your specific situation. Sometimes, the best (and the most cost-effective) solution is indeed a complete overhaul but that only comes after we have exhausted all forms of repair options.


    Concrete Driveways

    That driveway sure did its job lasting all those years, didn't it? But now all you see are chips and cracks everywhere with weeds sprouting from within the concrete. Not only is it giving off an unpleasant look to your otherwise beautiful home, but it has now become a potential hazard.

    We can help remove your old broken driveway and pour fresh concrete for you. Our pros have plenty of experience installing driveways for new and existing homes.

    Of course, if all you are looking for is some concrete repair work in Irving TX, we can do that too! We also do concrete paving if that’s what you’re looking for.

    Stamped Concrete Patio

    A patio being the area to hang out and relax with friends and family, should always be in top form. You know this and it is why you are either looking to have a complete renovation done or to do it right the first time for your new home.

    With a patio, you can go in a lot of different ways. You can have simple concrete poured and be done with it, or go grand with a stamped concrete patio, or land somewhere in the middle where perhaps you want a nice enough patio without incurring a mass expense.

    Whatever the case may be in terms of new build or remodeling, we would love to help you achieve and experience the patio you’re envisioning.

    One of many driveways we have done in Irving, TX.

    Should I DIY or Hire a local concrete contractor?

    The simple answer is if you are a professional mason you should definitely DIY.

    Ok, bad joke.

    The real answer varies greatly and especially for residential concrete jobs. This is not your typical fix a sink clog or do some landscaping work. No, here a combination of precision and experience is a must because of the scale. Here, if it is not done correctly you could end up paying a whole lot more in the short and long term.

    Now that we’ve scared you enough, there are still cases when doing a bit of concrete work yourself can make sense.

    When to DIY

    If you are looking to pour new concrete, then skip this section because the amount of research and YouTube-watching is just not worth it. This is because even if you managed to find the right material and equipment, you’re going to have a hard time finding experience without making mistakes first. If you can afford to make a few mistakes, and if you have the patience to re-do the work then by all means go for it. As for foundation work or similar work, then you probably won’t even think about touching it.

    If we are talking about small concrete jobs such as concrete crack repair or applying mortar then there’s a bit more wiggle room here. But first, the amount of work needed should be determined, and that in itself can be a challenge. Questions like ‘How extensive is the damage?’, ‘Will basic patchwork suffice?’, ‘How long before we’re needing to replace?’. 

    Again, you can take the time and research online. There are plenty of guides out there that will help you answer these questions to some degree. Based on your findings you can get to work and come away with a decent result that may not be the most pleasing to the eye but does the job in keeping your area safe.

    The risk here is your needing to hire one of many Irving concrete contractors due to the patchwork disintegrating within a few weeks or months and simply not being sufficient.

    When To Hire A Professional

    You may be rolling your eyes reading this section heading on a concrete company website, like ‘Yeah, ok buddy save your breath’, and rightfully so. But, we are not here to convince you to hire us (though you’re more than welcome to!). Our goal is to provide you with the knowledge needed to make a decision that is best for you.

    Allow us to outline just some of the reasons why hiring a construction expert may be the best decision for you.

    1. Peace of mind – This, in our opinion, is the big one. There’s no substitute for getting an experienced professional that has seen and done it all to do your bidding. The level of expertise required to carry out the concrete work has a higher barrier of entry than most other DIY work. The ability to analyze and plan out and implement the repair or installation in an efficient and precise manner is of utmost importance in these types of projects.


    2. Cost-effectiveness – This might come off as a head-scratcher to you but hear us out. To do the research, then gather/rent the right tools, then actually do the job takes away time AND money from you. This is a best-case scenario, because more often than not we see DIY’ers ending up calling a contractor to fix something that would have initially been a minor repair job.


    3. Long-lasting results – When done right, concrete can last for years to come with little to no maintenance. When done not so right, you’ll be dealing with recurring issues.

    How to select the right concrete company for your job?

    Arwin concrete contractor in Irving, TX at your service!

    Trying to find a good concrete contractor in Irving, Texas can quickly turn into a complicated undertaking. You’ll see highly differing price and cost ranges with a multitude of solutions to even the simplest of tasks. It’s easy enough to tout on how awesome we are and keep harping on why you should call us, but we won’t do that (at least not today).

    Instead, let us provide a few helpful tips on finding the right person for the job. Following is a simple list to keep in mind.

    1. The number one factor is finding a local concrete contractor here in Irving. This will help you be in touch with them regularly and you can rest assured they are not going anywhere.
    2. Next, we need to look for a specialist, not a generalist. With a specialist, you will get high-end results, with generalist contractors  let’s just say it’s simply not the same quality of work.
    3. Lastly, how is their reputation? Are there glowing reviews everywhere online or there are some questionable ones? And how do they handle negative reviews? Does it result in a back and forth or do they try to resolve the issue at hand?

    The above factors, while simple, can go a long way in reducing headaches later on. So do your due diligence and we wish you the best in finding a quality concrete contractor to take your project to complete status!

    As always, if you are looking for concrete service in Irving TX, and Arwin Concrete Contractor comes across as the ideal company to get your work done, then give us a call at 972-382-5546 today. Our staff would be happy to answer any questions and help you get your project construction under away.

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